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Library Resource Guides: Developing communication skills

Book titles for Communication Skills

Key texts available from the library catalogue.

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More book titles for Communication Skills

Additional texts available from the library catalogue.

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NSQHS Standards - Live Literature Searches

Looking for evidence to support best practice in line with the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards?

A PubMed live search will find articles from the last 5 years with a focus on the hospital setting. Click on 'more search options' in any box for specific subsets including: broader coverage of the topic, Australian focus, or Reviews

E-Books for Communication Skills

EBL e-book, login required. More information here

Podcast series: The Communiqués

ISBAR Communication Tool

ISBAR is a tool created to aide the safe transfer of patient information in clinical handover.



Download NSW Health's ISBAR app free from ITunes app store (app for other Android platforms is not yet  availalble).

What's new?

New titles in the collection look at the importance of compassionate communication for our patients, our colleagues and ourselves.

Additional reading for Handover Skills

The following articles are excellent additional reading for Handover Skills and a couple are Nursing Standard's most read articles.

Goldraij, G., etal. (2021). One chance to get it right: improving clinical handovers for better symptom control at the end of life. BMJ open quality10(3), e001436 Full text
Van de Velde, E., etal. (2021). Nursing handover involving consumers on inpatient mental healthcare units: A qualitative exploration of the consumers’ perspective. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 30(6), 1713-1725 Full text
Temsah, M. H., etal. (2021). Virtual handover of patients in the pediatric intensive care unit during COVID-19 crisis. medRxiv, 14, 1571-1581. Full text
Jennings, M. (2021). Handover tips for every shift: Clear, concise communication is vital when changing shifts. Nursing Standard, 36(2), 38. Full text
Bramhall, E. (2014). Effective communication skills in nursing practice. Nursing Standard, 29(14), 53-59. Full text

Source: NZNO library current awareness newsletter Issue 22 - 19 November 2021