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Library Resource Guides: EBook Central

Register for EBook Central e-books

To access EBook Central e-books you will need to register for an account online.

The library will need to check your Vic Branch membership before approving your request so we recommend registering during library opening hours.

From then on you will need to login every time you want to read EBook Central e-books.

What's new?

Recently added titles to the ANMF Vic EBook Central platform

Read or download an e-book

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Students using iPads, iPhones or Android devices can download and read EBook Central content using the Bluefire Reader program.

If you want to read the e-books offline you need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed. You will be asked to create a free Adobe ID.

Troubleshooting issues

Check the Adobe forum to get answers to some of your questions or issues about the Adobe Digital Editions program.

Taking notes and printing

Note taking

Notes can be created on any page in the Online Reader, just visit the 'Notes' tab. Once created, Notes can be accessed via the Bookmarks button on your EBook Central Bookshelf, or via the Bookmarks tab on the corresponding book's details page.


The DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions on each e-book restrict the amount of content that you can print and copy when you read an e-book online. Printing is restricted to 20% of each e-book, and copying 5%. 

Copy and pasting

Copying and pasting limits are set at the discretion of the publisher. It is generally restricted to 5% of the total pages of the e-book.

EBook Central search

Electronic books purchased on ProQuest's EBook Central platform are mostly nursing set texts and highly recommended titles.

Search the ANMF Vic library e-book collection (search, log in, then see your results).

Ebook Central

EBook Central e-books at ANMF Vic Branch Library

The library has a small collection of e-books to support nursing study and clinical skills.

Featured titles

New e-book titles at ANMF Vic Branch Library

The library has recently added new e-books titles. These can be read on the EBook Central platform.

New titles (purchased in 2020)