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Library Resource Guides: #5 Wellbeing and work: self-care and management skills

About this guide

Nurses or midwives stepping up to more senior roles rarely receive managerial training. Yet their responsibilities are substantial. The challenges of managing staff while being responsible for the clinical care of patients, can be daunting. This guide offers resources on self-care, well-being, leadership and management, to help with these complex challenges.

Relevant journal articles on managing staff, conflict and developing leadership skills

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Audiovisual resources from Nurse & Midwife Support and NMHPV

Nurse & Midwife Support Podcast #1 – Thriving in midwifery and nursing With Mark Aitken (Consultant and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Nurse & Midwife Support), Sam Eddy (executive coach and wellbeing trainer) and Dianne Lee (registered general and psychiatric nurse, registered psychologist)

You’re only human –NMHPV support for nurses in COVID-19 From the Nursing & Midwifery Health Program Victoria uploaded on 6 October 2020.

Practical strategies for individual wellness (Mark Bunn) From the Nursing & Midwifery Health Program Victoria Create Your Own Healthy Footprint Conference held on Friday 8 May 2015.

Safe Care Victoria

The Healthcare wellbeing centre was launched early 2021 and provides support for all who work in clinical and non-clinical roles in health services, community health and aged and primary care settings.

Support and referral services for nurses and midwives

Relevant journal articles on self-care and well-being

Learning from other nurses' and clinicians' experiences

Apps to support well-being and self-care