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Library Resource Guides: Career development & leadership

Sample applications and resumes

These various sample nursing resumes have been produced by Australian universities and professional organisations for graduating students. They provide some sample formats and advice on what and what not to include on your resume.

After graduation: job applications

Audiovisual resources

Nurse & Midwife Support Podcast #8 - Career transition: Your career matters With Mark Aitken (Consultant and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Nurse & Midwife Support), Nicole Nash-Arnold (Director, Nurse Manager HQ) and Sue Walker (Director, Nurses for Nurses Network and the Nursing CPD Institute)

Resources on writing grants & scholarships

The above video provides advice and guidance on research grant applications from Professors Kathy Rastle & Richard Smith from the Economic & Social Research Council in the UK.

Getting published

Advice for injured/ill nurses

The ANMF (Victoria Branch) developed this guide as a resource for injured and/or ill nurses in Victoria (2009). It is designed to assist those who are unable to return to their pre-injury and/or clinical role due to the ongoing effects of their injury and/or illness. It includes career planning guidance and identifies different nursing roles and employment opportunities in nursing.