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Library Resource Guides: Developing and implementing care plans

Book titles on care plans

Ebooks for Implement a Care Plan

Useful information for Implement a Care Plan

Constipation management
Collins & O'Brien (2015) Prevention and management of constipation in adults. Nursing Standard 29(32):49-58. Full text (onsite only).
Managing nutrition in older people
Best, C., & Hitchings, H. (2015). Improving nutrition in older people in acute care. Nursing Standard, 29(47), 50. Full text (onsite only).
Care planning for progressive neurological conditions
Kent, A. (2015). Advance care planning in progressive neurological conditions. Nursing Standard, 29(21), 51. Full text (onsite only).
Managing COPD
Hodson, M., & Sherrington, R. (2014). Treating patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Nursing Standard, 29(9), 50. Full text (onsite only).

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