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Library Resource Guides: ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health

About ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Database

ProQuest's Nursing & Allied Health has an excellent collection of articles from hundreds of nursing & allied health journals.

For access details, click here.

Using Boolean operators

Using Boolean operators AND, OR or NOT can help target your search results. Using AND can help if you get too many results or lots of irrelevant results. OR can assist when you get too few results or you wish to search using similar terms. Using NOT helps target your results if you are getting a lot of irrelevant results. You can also use the ProQuest Thesaurus to look for an alternative to your search term.

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Other search tips

  • The asterisk (*) is a truncation character useful for finding word variations:

E.g. use nurs* to search for nurse, nurses and nursing

  • Quotation marks (") allows to search for words as exact phrases.

  • After searching, refine your search by Publication date, Subject, or Publication title using the left-hand menu.

Instructional video tutorials

These short videos give an overview of searching & finding information using ProQuest:





Can't locate the article full-text?

If you find an article that is not available full-text, the library may be able to find it for you. This is a free service for members. To request an article, please send the citation or DOI to

Referencing ProQuest documents

Each PQNAH article with have a Cite link on the righthand menu along with other functions to dowload, print or e-mail:

Select the APA referencing style and copy the reference into your document:

The reference may need to be edited slightly to ensure it complies with the APA referencing style. For correct examples, visit the APA referencing LibGuide.