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Library Resource Guides: #7 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

About this guide

Twenty-twenty started with a number of challenges affecting health care such as the new coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Although fresh news is breaking daily, the library has put together online resources on this topic, to keep you up to date and how it may impact your practice.

Government & industry updates on COVID-19


Omicron variant

Industry resources for health care workers

Managing anxiety and stress

 The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented levels of continuing demand on healthcare, with nurses at the forefront.


Finding the evidence: COVID-19

Database content

Journal publisher content

More relevant publisher resources

New book titles about care during Covid-19

Read about the experiences of healthcare workers and patients during the pandemic. The following titles may be borrowed from the library


Read the latest COVID-19 articles from The Conversation RSS feed

Covid articles have now merged with all 'Health' topics

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Relevant articles (open-access)

Articles: Long COVID

Journal articles

Health information literacy

The scale of COVID-19 and the presence of misleading information requires nurses and midwives to exercise their professional responsibility to identify and spread accurate information. (Bin Naeem, Bhatti & Khan, 2020)

For more assistance finding quality articles see the Finding journal articles online library resource guide